cut my first ever mango today! 😋👌

food, motivation, fitspo here ♥
Anonymous asked:
Different scales have different measurement but on the one I used it was measure that 19 was under. If i used another one it would have given me a different number but meaning same thing. Would be really unhealthy though.

Yeah I’d agree with you on that, but she isn’t do goal weights or anything like that anymore so it’s not much of an issue! hahaa

Anonymous asked:
I'm Sams height and I weight 63kg. My bmi is 19. Under weight is 19 below. Normal is 19 above. And Sams goal weight is 55kg. Do you want to be anorexic, skin and bone?

Under weight is 18 and below, but Sam doesn’t really use this blog anymore so I can’t really answer for her choice in goal sorry x